Wedding Dress Brainstorming

I won’t claim to have been that little girl who dreamed of her wedding or her wedding dress. Marriage was something that I knew I wanted for myself, but I never thought about wedding dresses until my older sister became engaged, and all I really thought about was how under no circumstances was I ever going to wear some poofy, fru-fru princess ball gown that made me look like a cupcake.

But now that I am engaged, I can fantasize my wedding dress to my heart’s delight. I’m going to have to narrow down my options beyond non-princess. Once I began my research, I discovered that there are all sorts of styles with their own names. After much deliberation, I’ve come to the preliminary conclusion that I would prefer either a mermaid or trumpet-style wedding dress: something that is form-fitting at the top, but with some drama at the bottom.

We’ll see if I change my mind once I start actually trying on dresses, but for now here are some examples of the general direction I am currently going.


I love the sweetheart neckline and how form-fitting the dress is at the top, but this sort of bottom isn’t what I’m looking for in a mermaid gown. It’s too messy, not enough form or structure.


Now this gown I absolutely adore. It screams 1930s glam. I love the rouching all over the dress and the beaded lining under the bust.


Now this is the type of mermaid dress that a bride likes if she’s looking for a stark contrast between the top and the bottom. I’m not yet sure if that’s the route I want to go down.



This dress is also in that same vein. Super dramatic, almost a ball gown shoved into a mermaid dress.


This dress is very akin to the 1930s dress, especially with rouching, v-neckline, and the beading under the bust. I can’t explain why I’m drawn to this design, but it’s one of my favorite looks so far.


This is a very elegant dress with a simple, but sophisticated layer of tulle at the bottom. It is a much less dramatic mermaid that the others above, but it has a quiet allure that is charming.


Now this is my absolute favorite by far. I love how the material on the bottom is the same as the top where the rouching has been extended to form a sweeping, majestic look.


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