An Orange and Peach Occasion

I originally imagined our wedding colors being similar to that of a peacock with deep blues and purples. I envisioned bridesmaids dresses of metallic turquoise, peacock feathers in the floral centerpieces, and possibly feathers incorporated into the skirt of my wedding dress.

While such a wedding no doubt would have been beautiful, upon further reflection I realized that the color template did not fully suit the combined energies of Amin and me. As a fashionista, the peacock allusion fit my own flamboyant personality to a tee, but it did not do much to reflect Amin’s intellect or wealth of sentiment.

After searching through tons of color palates, we ended up on orange and peach, colors that I never would have imagined in my entire life for my wedding, but fitted Amin and me so perfectly. The bright, happy colors were ideal and they are steeped in symbolism for our relationship.

We wanted to use orange because the orange rose has important symbolic meaning to us. When I was sick in Bloomington, but still had to meet a friend for a school project, Amin went out and bought me a bouquet of orange roses that he surprised me with when he picked me up. They were the first flowers he ever bought me in our relationship.

The orange rose has maintained its significance in our relationship by its nature as a blend of the red and yellow rose. Red roses, of course, symbolize passion and yellow roses symbolize friendship. Amin and I knew each other for well over a year and a half as colleagues before we started dating, and thus we had a strong basis in friendship before romance entered the equation.

We wanted to bring peach into the wedding because it is the color that Amin painted our apartment in Norman, Oklahoma while he was pursuing his second MA in philosophy. It is such a warm, rich color that immediately soothed me whenever I walked through the door. I have such happy memories of that apartment that I could not help but incorporate the color into the wedding, especially when it blended so well with orange.


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