My 7-Day Vegetarian Challenge

So in addition to developing a more robust exercise routine, I also decided that I needed to take a good, hard look and what I’m putting into my body. From these reflections I decided that coming next Monday, I will partake in a vegetarian challenge where I will not consume any meat for an entire weeks.

This challenge is not intended to be an experiment to see if vegetarianism could be a legitimate option for me. I already know I could never commit fully to a vegetarian diet. I lack willpower when it comes to certain foods I love and, knowing my own body, I fear I would become anemic or have other health issues if I were to remove all meats from my diet.

However, like many people, I think I could benefit from a decrease in my meat consumption. This exercise is more an exploration in vegetarian cuisine, to see what hearty veggie options are out there that can make the void less intimidating.

I’ve already come across some amazing vegetarian dishes that have tasted exquisite and succeeded in filling me up. I want to ride on that momentum and see if a more plant-based diet is workable without me craving meat as often.

If I were to notice substantial changes in my health and mood after my veggie challenge, I would be open to restricting my meat intake further. I feel that if I were to ever limit my diet for health and/or ethical reasons, the furthest I could go would be pescatarianism (vegetarians that consume fish).

Ever since I tasted my first shrimp at ten-years-old in Red Lobster, I been in love with fish and shellfish. Amin teasingly refers to me as a shark, having never met someone who eats as much fish as I do. I could potentially give up red meat and poultry in the long-term if I kept fish around as my safety net.

But for next week even my beloved fish is going out the window. Today Amin and I will enjoy his classic Persian kebabs, but starting Monday it shall be a veggie-fest!


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