My Recipe for Self-Care

For the last six months I have been learning the intricacies of my new job. While I certainly love my job, the adjustment were stressful at times and my self-care suffered because of it. I was too busy trying to master everything that there were times that I would forget to look after myself. Upon this realization, I decided to commit to a more thorough self-care regiment.

For maximum benefit, I have chosen a multi-faceted self-care plan that attends to my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This regime has been in effect for the last month and I can already feel the increase in my overall well-being.

Fashion and Beauty

I’m a firm believer in the healing power of fashion. Anyone can increase their score on the ‘hotness’ scale by three points, one point simply by adopting the most flattering style and two points from the subsequent boost in confidence. As a self-admitted fashionista, fashion is a critical part of my self-care. Fashion is the armor that one dons to tackle the world in chic, posh style.

There are multiple ways in which I have increased my investment in fashion and beauty.

Shopping Sprees

After several trips to TJ Maxx,  I now have a wardrobe that is fitting for a young professional. From blouses to wedges, I can now strut up to my office without fear of fashion judgement.

Skin Care

Another way has been an increase in my skin care. I love to use this special coconut-charcoal moisturizing mask for my face. I used to only apply the mask about twice a week, if that. I’ve now taken to using it every day and my face has been so much clearer. Luckily it is the type of mask that you rub on your face and sticks so you can multi-task. I’ve spent many evenings preparing dinner with this mask on.

Dyeing my Hair

After trying to be a silver blonde with only a modest degree of success, I decided go for a much darker color. I’m now a proud, dark chocolate brunette. A simple change in hair color has done wonders for my mood. This color I feel is much more me.

With my new hair color a new use of make-up has emerged, especially lipsticks and nail polish. I feel that with a new solid color in my hair, no highlights, I give myself a sort of blank canvas where the bold colors of my make-up can really pop out.


After relying too heavily on my natural high metabolism for far too long, I decided it was time to get serious about what type of food I am putting into my body. In my cooking endeavours that I’ve mentioned before in my blog, I am exploring how to make delicious food with healthy, wholesome ingredients.

This has resulted in a significant increase in my consumption of vegetables, finding several meal salads that have now become weekly stables in the Sophiamehr household. Most of my favorites have come from Karina’s Cafe Delites food blog, including but not limited to her Avocado Greek Salad and her Chickpea Tuna Salad.


This has definitely been one of the most drastic ways in which I have changed my self-care plan. I went from barely exercising at all to exercising 4-5 hours a week. I was always self-conscious about exercising in public, thanks to enough left-handed compliments about my thinness, but with Amin’s encouragement I’ve been able to make the most of our neighborhood by partaking in a wide range of physical activities, including the ones listed below.


Swimming is a childhood favorite of mine. It’s a great way to exercise without being a huge stress on one’s joints. Our neighborhood has a community pool that they’ve just opened for summer and that’s where I’m spending the majority of my sunny afternoons.


With Bloomington so close to Lake Monroe, there are so many state recreations areas and each one has multiple hiking trails. This is the part of my exercise routine that Amin and I do together. It’s been absolutely fantastic to hike in nature, taking in the calmness from the trees and the lake.


I’ve been hula-hooping for exercise since my sister got me a hula-hoop for my 23rd birthday. I love it because it’s low-impact and you can binge watch your favorite series on Netflix as you hula-hoop.


I could never get into to jogging, it’s flat-out boring to me, but I can ride my bicycle. I now cycle twice a week around my neighborhood.


Jump-role, like hula-hooping, is one of my indoor exercise routines. It’s a high impact workout, but I’m able to distract myself with my beloved Netflix.

The Importance of Self-Care

While the term “self-care” may be overused in our capitalist society to sell us things we don’t need, there is genuine merit to balancing one’s life, especially in the workaholic American culture.When you practice self-care, it increases your overall mood and thus increases your overall productively in life.







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